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Glass sculptures by Ben Young

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a million miles away

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SPOTLIGHT: The Invisible Man - Liu Bolin

Holy! Liu Bolin’s images invite a game akin to Where’s Waldo?. In some of the Chinese artist’s incredible photos, it’s clear where he is standing; in others, like the some of the above, it’s much harder to spot the outline of his body at all. It’s for this that Bolin has been called “The Invisible Man.” More after the jump:

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Be careful, you’re not in a wonderland

I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul

but you’re fortunate in your ignorance

in your isolation

you who have suffered

find where love hides

give, share, lose

lest we die, unbloomed


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Modest Mouse

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Purity Ring

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Toro y Moi | Chaz Bundick

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Devendra Bandhart

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Dr. Dog

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